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Top 5 Investment Books

Whether you are an experienced financial investor or new to the game, here are five books that will improve your skills in any economy.

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely

Ariely, a Professor of Behavioral Economics at MIT, makes a strong argument that economic decisions are influenced by irrational behavior patterns. With decades of research into the psychological affect on consumer motivation, he gives insight and understanding that will improve anyone’s financial decisions. From his research, Ariely has identified common patterns of irrational behavior. The more investors understand the patterns of irrationality, the less likely they are to make poor choices because of them.

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The Intelligent Investor: The definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition) by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig with collaboration of Warren E. Buffett

This book is considered by many to be the best investment book ever written. Originally published in 1949, it is a meat and potatoes guide to solid financial principles. The revised edition, with commentaries by senior Money magazine editor Jason Zweig, it is as relevant in our current economy as it has been for the past sixty years. Graham’s approach is focused on minimizing losses and developing a solid investment plan for the long term. Staying away from slick, glitzy get-rich-quick schemes, this book will help any investor make it to retirement and beyond.

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Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan, by Suze Orman

If the economic crunch has left you with little or no funds to invest, this is the book to start the new year with. Long recognized as one of the most straightforward and common sense investment advisors, Orman lays out a step-by-step strategy to get anyone out of the red and back to making green. There are no dazzling revelations or easy fixes, just a one-day-at-a-time approach that combines an emotional commitment with strict self-discipline. Anyone who follows this common sense approach to finances will see an increase in their available funds for investment.

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The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, edited by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Incredibly wealthy and refreshingly down to earth, Warren Buffett knows how to make money lots of it. Cunningham, professor of law and business at Boston College, has edited and organized information taken from the annual report of Berkshire-Hathaway (BRKA), the investment company owned by Buffett, and created informative and entertaining essays that are lessons from the master in how to get it right. Fundamental investment guidelines that apply in any economy, this book should be on any investor’s list.

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The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing, by Taylor Larimore, et al

For beginning investors, this is most likely the best first book to get. It is chock full of solid, factual information with all the elements needed for successful investing. It explains it in a fun to read and easily understood fashion. This book helps create a long term, personalized investment plan without needing to have a master’s degree in finance or economics. With simple, straightforward steps for getting started, tracking and maintaining a winning plan, it also covers the “don’ts” that new investors should steer clear of. With realistic suggestions and practical warnings, this book is worth the investment.

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These five books should provide equity investors plenty of fodder to consider. Stock options investors might consider purchasing PowerOptions’ new book: Protective Options Strategies: Married Puts and Collars by Ernie Zerenner and Michael Chupka. This book reveals two reliable strategies for generating consistent income and providing insurance, especially during times of financial crisis. In this new book, the topics of discussion include tips on entering protective stock options strategies and the theories behind them, as well as selecting the right stock investing positions and proper protective combinations for stock investing in volatile markets. Learn in-depth methods for using married put options and collar option spreads, both of which can be used to protect investments while preserving capital using options trades. Precise techniques, strategies, and concepts are delivered throughout the book, illustrated with charts and real world examples. This practical and easy-to-follow book is a must-read for those who are looking to increase profits by decreasing risk in their stock portfolios.

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