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Cut Your Loser Investments Short…and Let Your Winners Run

In this RadioActive Trading webinar, Kurt Frankenberg discusses the simple rule that all investors have heard, but rarely implement in their personal accounts. “Cut your losers short…and let your winners run.”

As simple as this sounds, it is much harder to put it into actual practice. Many stock options investors will establish ‘hedged’ positions that in fact do the exact opposite…cut your winners short with the potential to let your losers run. That is a recipe for investing disaster.

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Kurt shows how to set up a basic RPM – RadioActive Profit Machine – that puts investors into a position where the losers are guaranteed to be cut short and the winners can run. Kurt, along with co-host Mike Chupka, introduces two of his ten Income Methods he describes in The Blueprint, discusses the problems with using leveraged positions and also shows a comparison of a long stock approach versus a covered call versus the RPM setup.

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The video also presents how the Trade Simulator Tools proves that with the proper setup one can be wrong more often then they are right…but still make money over the long term. At the end of the video Kurt announces the End of the Year special promotion for The Blueprint which expires on December 31st, 2010. You can select to view the video below:

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