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Solving the Problem of Stop-Orders and Leverage

In this presentation, Kurt Frankenberg discusses the advantages of the RadioActive Trading techniques over a simple stop-order, the risks of leverage in your trading and two of his TEN income methods that he applies against his protected positions.

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We all know the irritating side of a stop order: the stock drops down, you get ‘stopped out’… then watch as that stock or position goes straight back up again — only it goes up without you.

There’s also a DARK side to this order that is supposed to protect you; the stop order gets filled at the worst possible time in the worst possible way during gaps and serious slides like the ‘flash crash’ we experienced on May 6. Kurt has not placed a stop order in about ten years. But that doesn’t mean that he has left positions open to debilitating losses! Every stock he enters has a tightly-controlled, built-in fail safe measure that keeps me him out of trouble in the case that the stock selection or timing was wrong.

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In this presentation Kurt gives away for free the basic setup of his technique that forces him, and others, to cut their losers short and let their winners run. In addition to this key to a successful approach to risk management, Kurt also shows two techniques that he uses to take money out of the position without increasing risk and ‘Bulletproofing’ his RadioActive Profit Machines.

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