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PowerOptions Open Discussion 3/25/2011

During this open discussion presentation, Mike Chupka, PowerOptions Director of Education handles questions from customers such as:

1. “What is the expected monthly return for covered calls, vertical spreads, diagonal spreads and the RadioActive Trading Techniques?”

a. This leads to a conversation at the 30 minute mark: “One of your competitors claims they make monthly returns of 3-6% for covered calls; 6-10% for diagonal spreads and higher for vertical spreads…”

(To view the video, select below)

2. Mr. Chupka’s general thoughts on using Greeks for adjusting positions.

3. Discussion on using Bollinger Bands and RSI in the Search Tools.

4. We take a brief look at a comparison of a Weekly All Call Condor versus the parity Weekly Iron Condor on a standard ETF.

5. How to exercise / assign a Married Put position that is In-the-Money at expiration.

6. “Would you use a Long Call or a Naked Put position to potentially buy shares of stock?”

7. “What is your preferred strategy using Weekly options for high probability; low risk trades?”

8. Brief review of the Stock Repair tool on PowerOptions to help repair stocks that have declined in price.

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