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Recession Proof Covered Call Strategy: Aug. 2006

In a previous article, Recession Proof Covered Call Investment Strategy , we outlined a covered call investing strategy focusing on “recession proof” stocks. This strategy exhibited great results for the months of June and July, returning +3.8% and +4.4% respectively. We’re going to examine the results of the same strategy for themonth of August.

We used the same list of “recession proof” stock market symbols as outlined in the previous article. Using PowerOptions new SmartHistoryXL Back Testing tool, we analyzed the results of selected positions on July 24, 2006 with all stock options expiring on August 18, 2006 (August stock options expiration). The results are shown below:

Results for Covered Call search on July 24, 2006
Stock Price
% Dnsd
% If
Stock Price
% Ret
ACO 21.69 06 Aug 22.5 ACOHX 0.70 3.20 7.20 23.55 7.20
POT 87.59 06 Aug 90 POTHR 2.15 2.50 5.30 100.04 5.30
FRX 44.58 06 Aug 45 FHAHI 1.10 2.50 3.50 48.07 3.50
MCRS 39.62 06 Aug 40 MFKHH 1.35 3.40 4.50 39.07 2.10

# Successful positions: 4 out of 4 (100%)
Avg. % Return: 4.5%

The list of screened stock market symbols is noticeably different from the lists of stock market symbols selected in June and July. The recession proof covered call investing strategy for August returned an average of 4.5% (26 days) with a success rate of 100%. Of note, even though the stock price of MCRS dropped -1.4%, the covered call position returned a profit of +2.1%, the results of the MCRS position illustrate why the covered call investment strategy is considered to be a conservative strategy, (see “Aggressive Strategy for the Conservative Investor” for more information).

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