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DJIA – Stock Price Resistance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been flirting with all-time record highs the last several days. In this situation, a bear call credit spreads stock options position may be a good strategy to consider.

Stocks and in particular stock indexes have difficulty many times breaking through previous record resistance levels. A major reason for this phenomenon is a result of stock traders using previous resistance levels as a signal to exit a position for profit taking, putting pressure on the stock or stock index to remain stagnant or fall.

We will consider taking a bear call credit spreads stock option position for $DJX. Using PowerOptions SmartSearchXL search engine, we find a $DJX bear call spread options position available with a probability of success of 84.2% and a potential return of 5.3% (22 days).

SmartSearchXL for 9/29/2006
Expire/Strike Bid Buy
Expire/Strike Ask %Ret
$DJX 117.11 (-0.07) DJWJP 06 OCT 120.0 (22) 0.15 DJWJR 06 OCT 122.0 (22) 0.05 5.30

As long as the $DJX is below 120 at options expiration on October 20, 2006, this position will return 5.3%, not bad for holding a position for only 22 days.

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