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Options for (TSCM), founded by Jim Cramer, are now available for trading. For investors who really like Jim Cramer, they can REALLY put their money where his mouth is. Using PowerOptions stock options search engine SmartSearchXL, we searched for bull put spreads on October 2, 2006.

The results of the search are shown below:

SmartSearchXL bull put spreads search 10/2/2006
Bid Buy
Ask %Return
TSCM 10.35 (-0.29) UGQWB 06 NOV 10.0 (47) 0.45 UGQWU 06 NOV 7.5 (47) 0.30 6.40
TSCM 10.35 (-0.29) UGQMB 07 JAN 10.0 (110) 0.75 UGQMU 07 JAN 7.5 (110) 0.45 13.60
TSCM 10.35 (-0.29) UGQPB 07 APR 10.0 (201) 1.05 UGQPU 07 APR 7.5 (201) 0.65 19.00


Three out-of-the-money Jim Cramer bull put spreads options positions were returned with options expiring in Nov 2006, Jan 2007 and Apr 2007, with potential returns of +6.4%, +13.6% and +19.0%, respectively. All three positions will be fully profitable if Jim Cramer’s TSCM stock price remains above $10.00 on each of the positions respective options expiration day in Nov 2006, Jan 2007 and Apr 2007.

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PowerOptions provides Internet based tools for analyzing stock options with specific search criteria and for finding potentially lucrative option income. For those seeking to execute a bull put spreads investment strategy for their personal portfolios, PowerOptions provides an Internet based search engine for finding potentially lucrative income producing bull put spreads stock options positions.

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