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Natural Gas – Hedge Funds – Bear Call Spreads

In recent months the price of natural gas has plummeted and because of this price drop hedge fund Amaranth Advisors lost its investors over $6 Billion. The natural gas industry as a whole could be set up for a reversal.

The natural gas industry’s stocks have experienced nice returns over the last few years with increases in the price of natural gas, but the prices of natural gas stocks have NOT reversed with the price of natural gas, they still remain at their lofty values.

If you expect a reversal in the natural gas stocks – this may be the time to incorporate a “bearish but hedged” stock options strategy like bear call credit spreads.

We used PowerOptions SmartSearchXL to search for bear call credit spreads stock options positions for stocks of companies involved in the natural gas industry on October 2, 2006 with all options expiring on October 20, 2006 (October options expiration day).

The results of this search are shown below:

SmartSearchXL bear call credit spreads search 10/2/2006
Bid Buy
Ask %Return
EOG 64.81 (-0.24) EOGJN 06 OCT 70.0 (19) 0.65 EOGJP 06 OCT 80.0 (19) 0.10 5.80
STR 81.83 (+0.06) STRJQ 06 OCT 85.0 (19) 0.80 STRJS 06 OCT 95.0 (19) 0.05 8.10
DVN 61.74 (-1.41) DVNJM 06 OCT 65.0 (19) 0.90 DVNJO 06 OCT 75.0 (19) 0.10 8.70
APA 62.41 (-0.79) APAJM 06 OCT 65.0 (19) 0.70 APAJO 06 OCT 75.0 (19) 0.05 7.00


Four bear call credit spreads stock options positions were returned, EOG, STR, DVN and APA, with an average potential return of +7.4%, pretty good potential return for a stock option investing strategy of only 19 days.

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