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Investing in Global Warming

The signs of the increasingly warming world are becoming clearer, whether global warming is something to become alarmed over or whether it is here to stay is still questionable. In an environment of global warming there will be companies taking advantage of the warming environment to produce profits. Listed below are a few to consider.

Duke Energy (DUK)
Duke Energy, a big electricity producer with assets located at the United States of America and Canada is one of them. With the interest of Duke Energy in cleaner technology, the company will surely bring in more profits, as the government and pro-earth groups will give greater support to them during a period of global warming. When Duke Energy was forced to resort to a more environmental friendly energy alternative, like nuclear energy, the company’s profits have actually increased. Duke Energy could see more downside before upside and a convenient way to take advantage of the upside without experiencing a lot of downside is by using protective put options, specifically a married put position. A married put stock options position is currently available for Duke Energy for April stock options expiration with an infinite upside potential and a maximum loss potential of 3.8%.

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General Electric (GE)
General Electric, which is famous for its appliances, is the world’s sixth largest company in terms of market capitalization and the second most recognized brand in the world. Like Duke Energy, General Electric is also working on its more earth friendly technological innovations like wind power generation and diesel-electric hybrid locomotive and surely, this company will benefit more with its advanced water treatment system to combat the water shortage during global warming. One way to hedge GE’s stock is through a covered call investing position. Covered calls give investors monthly income potential with downside protection. A covered call position for GE is currently available for October stock options expiration with a potential return of 5% and 8.7% downside protection. Even if GE’s stock remains at today’s price, the covered call investing position will return 5% at stock options expiration. Additionally, as long as the price of GE’s stock does not drop more than 8.7%, the position will remain profitable.

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Pfizer (PFE) & GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Pfizer Pharmaceutical, which ranks first in world sales, is the known maker of pain relievers, oral anti-fungal medications, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs, among others. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical is recognized for its pharmaceutical products to treat infections in the central nervous system, respiratory and gastro-intestines and vaccines as protection for typhoid fever and influenza. Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline are the top two giant drug producers in the world. With the outbreak of infectious diseases that have strong links to the rising temperature, the demand for medicines to cure people who got infected with dengue (“breakbone”) fever, malaria, encephalitis, cholera, etc. will surely rise and so therefore will be the sales these drug companies. Covered call investing position are available for Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline in the 2% range for October stock options expiration – only 26 days.

Seed and agrochemical corporations that are involved in genetic engineering of agricultural products to fight food crisis in a changing climate may be worth consideration as an investment. The debate over the safety and superiority of genetically modified food products is ongoing. However, when the time comes and people were left no choice but to turn to the genetically engineered food crops like corn, wheat, and rice, the companies that have more control of them will surely benefit.

Monsanto (MON)
Monsanto (MON), world’s leading producer of herbicide glyphosate and genetic engineered seeds.

Du Pont de Nemours and Company (DD)
Du Pont de Nemours and Company, world’s second largest chemical company in terms of market capitalization and fourth in revenue and a producer of pest control solutions and other agricultural products.

Bayer CropScience (BAYR)
Bayer CropScience, one of the world’s leading companies in crop protection, non-agricultural pest-control, seeds and plant biotechnology.

BASF Group (BF)
BASF Group, world’s largest chemical manufacturer and leading producer of herbicides fungicides, insecticides, plant regulators and seed technologies.

Dow Chemicals (DOW)
Dow Chemicals (DOW), second largest chemical manufacturer in the world, next to BASF, and a provider of pest control and biotechnology products.

Covered call positions are available for, MON, DD and DOW in the 2-5% range for October stock options expiration.

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