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Free Options Resources: What makes options resources valuable?

Is it the promise of high returns?   Is it the promise of a high success rate?   Is it focusing on only the potential success of a strategy, without focusing on the risks or management?

Let’s be honest, there are thousands of free options trading resources available. Any trader who has bought one option contract or sold a call against their stock can post a blog, video or white paper about their trade. That doesn’t make them an expert on the subject matter, although they do have an experience to share.

Other free resources will give a static definition of a strategy – just enough to illustrate the basics without providing any further details on the risks of the trade or management ideas. In other words, just enough information to be dangerous.

And there are still those services that will give you just enough information to intrigue you… then promise you unrealistic returns on a strategy ‘they’ discovered that produces winners 99% of the time. We all know that if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff:

Since 1997 when I first released PowerOptions I have made it my goal to not only provide the best search and analysis tools for options investors, but to also provide the best education for real-world, self-directed options investors like you.

The PowerOptions Blog articles and archived webinars on our YouTube Channel showcase our real world experience with options trades, answers to our customers questions about options strategies and strategy education that focuses on the basics of a strategy as well as search criteria, exit strategies and trade management. Our free resources reflect my knowledge from over 35 years of options trading combined with what I have learned from my PowerOptions community of traders in the last 20 years.

And these resources are truly free.  Whether you are a paid subscriber, trial user or just on our email list – the PowerOptions YouTube Channel and PowerOptions Blog articles are there for you to view at any time.

PowerOptions has published over 1,000 YouTube videos on option trading, options strategies and using our patented tools.  These videos are fairly popular, some videos with as many as 10,000 views per month. We add new YouTube videos about once or twice per week. It’s a good idea to subscribe to the PowerOptions YouTube Channel in order to get automatic notification when we post a new video.

Our BLOG has over 600 option trading related articles.  Recently I have made a concerted effort to add more posts based on the conversations I have with investors like you every day. I think the PowerOptions YouTube Channel is a little more popular than the blog… *sigh*  perhaps investors find audio/visual presentations more entertaining.  But a white-paper style article can give you more time to absorb and contemplate the content.

The BLOG site and YouTube Channel allow you to ask written questions about the content by using the “comments” area. A wide variety of option trading subjects are covered in the BLOG articles and YouTube videos. Here are some blog post examples to consider:

Finding your subject:

The PowerOptions BLOG site has a powerful search engine that allows you to search by topic very easily.   In the example search shown, we looked for how to achieve “Portfolio Success” and the last article listed was suggested.  This article explains a portion of how I manage my personal hedge fund – all research and tracking done on PowerOptions.  Just insert your search term in the top right hand search parameter box  to get a list of reference articles.


  1. Larry Miller

    how do I find the option calculator and profit and loss calculator?

  2. Pete

    This is my first visit to this website and I feel, I am going to enjoy lot of good options articles. I prefer the written blog than YouTube Video because I am completely deaf ad can”t even hear with hearing aids or amplifiers. Therefore, please continue posting written contents. Thanks

  3. ursula

    I am new to trading and I want to learn to trade weekly options for income. Where do I start?

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