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Over some years now, we’ve been asking our PowerOptions free trialers and subscribed users what strategies they use most, here are the results…

Covered Calls 4640 42%
Credit Spreads 2793 25%
Long Calls & Puts 1553 14%
Naked Puts 1195 11%
Married Puts 858 8%
11039 100%

Note: This informal survey is a little biased as we are not showing any of the other dozen or so options strategies that the PowerOptions tools support. Those other strategies represent about 1290 votes or 11%. This poll also doesn’t allow for multiple answers and that introduces some bias as well since I believe many options investors are employing multiple options strategies in their trading.

I thought anyone trading options or researching options would be interested to know how the option strategy interest compares in popularity with those of their fellow investors.

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  1. Doug Foster

    Thank you! Very interesting and helpful. I like the married put strategy the best!

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