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PowerOptions Coaching Continued…

Once I read Mike’s last blog post, I decided to write up a quick summary of our Coaching benefits and an example coaching session I had recently… read on for the goodies…

So what is the Coaching Session?

Either Mike Chupka or I (Ernie Zerenner) are here to answer your options trading questions, show you how to profit with PowerOptions in your preferred strategies AND show you better research, analysis and trade management.

This is not a sales call! We answer your questions on options trading based on experience, we’ll show you which tools we use and how to maximize performance.

Are you not sure which strategy suits your needs? No problem! We can help with that too.

Basic FAQs:

Does the Coaching Session last the full hour?

It lasts as long as you need it to! We block off an hour for each session to help you as needed. Some sessions may last the full hour. Others may only last 15 minutes or less.

Is it only 1 and done?

Nope! Trial members and subscribers can schedule as many sessions as they want. We want to make sure you see how powerful these tools are to help your trading and that you see the benefit of having access to our personal trading knowledge and education.

Are the Coaching Sessions hosted over the web?

They can be! You can request to use a GoToMeeting session for screen sharing, or we can simply have the session over the phone (we will call you!).

Do I have to Schedule a Coaching Session?

Nope, if you just have a quick question you can call the office at any time, during market hours. Or, you can send us an email and request to have us call you.

In fact, here is an example of a recent call from a PowerOptions Trial Member:

Problem: The site isn’t “working”:

Joe was an experienced stock/option trader. He has a system of trading he developed over a 10-year period that is very profitable. The problem was it was very time consuming to find and execute those trades on a regular basis. Joe heard about PowerOptions from a friend who thought the tools available on the site might be able help automate the process and save him time.

Joe signed up for the PowerOptions FREE trial. He opened his favorite strategy and saw a list of trading selections based on default criteria. Based on Joe’s years of experience trading this strategy he thought “none of these search results fits my system”. It was obvious that our default search criteria were no where near the criteria he’d like to use.

After trying to adjust the search himself… the results got worse or nothing came back at all. Frustrated and ready to give up on the PowerOptions site, Joe decided to call the help/coaching line. Joe hoped this help line was not just a sales person, but someone who could help with setting up the search or he was going to write the site off.

Problem, Solved:

Joe decided to call PowerOptions and to his surprise he was able to speak with a fellow options trader. I’ve been using the PowerOptions site since it opened over 20 years ago for trading my own account. Once I understood what Joe was trying to do, it only took a few minutes to adjust the search settings.

Joe now has a ‘saved search’ that meets his requirements. His settings are saved forever and he can access them instantaneously. This one search saves him hours of research and calculation to trade his system.

Lesson: Call us… 302-992-7971 and don’t be frustrated. 🙂

Never Hesitate!

So, there it is. Call, email, or schedule a Coaching Session at any time to have your questions answered. Either way you are talking with an experienced options trader and not a sales team. Most of the time you will talk with Ernie, President and Founder of PowerOptions or Mike Chupka, the Director of Education (the curator and voice of our critically acclaimed webinars).

Never hesitate! Call us whenever you are stuck, if you are not seeing the trades you expected or if you just want a second pair of eyes from an experienced options investor on your trades or management ideas!

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