Can I add old closed positions to my PowerOptions portfolio?

Of course you can! With the PowerOptions portfolio tools you can track any number of positions for any number of accounts. They can be real accounts or paper-trading accounts.

We know that getting your PowerOptions portfolio “caught up” can be a hindrance to starting one at all – but, we strongly suggest that you just jump in and start tracking new trades as you put them on. Don’t worry so much about catching up the portfolio with all of your old trades. The benefit of using the PowerOptions portfolio tools to track your real and paper trades? Continue reading

Timing Investments when Stock Price Crosses a Moving Average

Timing your entry into a position using options is very important because time premium is continually eroding from the position.  Ideally we want to enter a bullish position just as the stock is about to move up.  It is not possible to know in advance when the move will occur, but we can get an early indicator once the move has started.  There are several tools available to help the investor pick the best time to enter a position.  One such tool, which has been recently added to the PowerOptions screener, is the crossing of a stock price above a moving average such as a 20 or 50 day moving average.  Another form of this tool is to use the crossing of the 20 day moving average over the 50 day moving average as a bullish trigger.

Investors will scan charts looking for this type of crossing to trigger a buying opportunity.  They also look for confirming volume as the crossing takes place, however, this effort can be very time consuming.  Using the PowerOptions screener an investor can scan the entire market very quickly to find a first-time stock price crossing of a moving average.  The parameter scanning form in PowerOptions to capture the moving average crossing is very simple to use: Continue reading

Portfolio Tools offer Trade Management Ideas

Have you been using the PowerOptions Portfolio tools to help track and manage your options positions? If not, now is a great time to start!

PowerOptions free trial users and subscribers can enter new positions into the Portfolio directly from the patented Search tools or manually with just a few clicks. Some basic features of the Portfolio tools to help you better track and manage your positions are:

  • Profit and Loss Portfolio tool tracks your current positions as linked trades – meaning your covered call position will have the stock and call option linked together rather than separately.
  • View Original Expected Gain vs. Liquidation Value vs. Future Expiration Value for the entire position, not just the individual leg. Continue reading

Nuts and Bolts of Option Trading Tools

Option investing can often be like “finding a needle in a haystack” – an investor knows there are good option trades out there, but finding them amongst the gazillion other “not-so-hot” option trades can be very difficult.  That why over the last ten years or so PowerOptions has been developing tools to help option traders find “needles in the haystack” with less effort and with less time required.

In addition to developing option trading technology, PowerOptions has also been actively patenting its option investment related technology.  PowerOptions’ latest issued patent may be viewed at this link.

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Investing “Back-to-the-Future”

Ever say to yourself, “I wonder how well my option strategy would work if it had been used over the last year, two years, etc.?”  Well, at PowerOptions, we asked the same question and then developed an option “back-testing” tools to answer the question – and we also got a patent for the technology.  The details of the patent can be viewed at this link.

For example, suppose an investor wanted to know how well the Covered Call strategy would have performed over the last year using the constraints shown below:

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How to Succeed with PowerOptions

We all want to succeed by making money with our investments.  PowerOptions was designed to provide a set of tools to help and enhance the probability of success.  If used properly PowerOptions can help you make more money.  Follow these three steps on your road to improved performance: Continue reading

Successful Bullish Investing – Even in Short-Term Bearish Markets

It’s easy to generate positive returns when investing in bullish markets, but quite difficult to generate positive returns when attempting bullish investing in short-term bearish markets. However, it is possible to generate positive returns when using bullish investments in short-term bearish markets. And, an actual profitable example will be given below explaining the concept.

See what the stock option experts are doing
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Apple: Time to Do Away with Thermonuclear

Apple (AAPL) is currently at the center of a large number of mobile patent lawsuits. The company is not merely intent on licensing its technology as International Business Machines (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT) and others. No, Apple seeks to go “thermonuclear” as Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying with the hopes of fending off competitors in court rather in the market place. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” In light of Einstein’s quote, maybe Apple should reconsider its thermonuclear posture, especially, considering the company ranked 39th on the list of companies awarded patents in 2011. No surprise, on top of the patent pile for 2011 was once again IBM, followed by Samsung and Microsoft. Before a company goes thermonuclear, it should at least have the best quiver of arrows. Maybe Apple thinks it has the “biggest arrow” that trumps all others.

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A Little Less Bullishness For Google

In a couple of previous articles related to Internet search company Google (GOOG) posted on April 15, 2012 and May 25, 2012, bull-put credit spreads were considered for the company. A bull-put credit spread may be entered for a credit by selling one put option and purchasing a second put option further out-of-the-money with the goal of the options expiring worthless and retaining the initial credit as a profit. The first bull-put credit spread was successful and provided a return of 7% (70.5% annualized).

The second bull-put credit spread considered consisted of a short 2012 Jun 540 put option and a long 2012 Jun 515 put option. The position was entered for a net credit of $1.77, which represented a potential return of 7.6% (126.4% annualized). A management point of $565 was set for the position, which has been breached (shown below), so consideration for an exit or a roll is given. Additionally, since there’s only 4 days until June option expiration, consideration is given for modifying the management point and maintaining the position as is.

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Netflix: Highest Return Protected Covered Call

A protected covered call or collar search performed using PowerOptions tools, seeking to find the highest returning position for companies with a maximum potential loss of 8% and a stock price in an uptrend, produced digital video content provider Netflix (NFLX) as shown below:


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